Storage Tips

Maximizing Space

How to Maximize Your Unit Space

Stack your items (Sturdiest items on bottom)

Use packing paper to fill stack gaps to keep contents stable

Leave an aisle to access belongings in the back

Be creative; Take table legs if possible, put items in empty drawers, etc.

Label boxes and turn box labels to face the aisle

Keeping Your Unit Clean

How to Keep Your Unit Clean

Use dust covers for mattresses and furniture

Seal all boxes

Use wooden or cardboard pallets on the floor

Make the Most of Boxes

Make the Most of Boxes

Use good quality, sturdy boxes

Place heavy items in smaller boxes for easy lifting

Completely fill boxes and securely close them

Seal tightly with tape to prevent dust from getting inside

Store items you use most at the entrance of your unit

Store valuables in the back of your unit

How to Protect Breakables

How to Protect Breakables

Use a glassware box for the best protection

Wrap each item with protective wrap or foam

Place protective wrapping on the top and bottom layers of the box

Pack paper into all open spaces to ensure a tight fit

Label boxes as fragile

Storing Large Appliances

Storing Large Appliances


Thoroughly clean all appliances before storing

Refrigerators and freezers should be clean and dry

Stored appliances with doors slightly open

Utilize the space inside of appliances for added storage

Stack boxes on top of refrigerators, freezers or stoves

Storing Furniture

Storing Furniture


Disassemble tables and beds

If a table doesn’t come apart, place the top down with the legs pointing up

Put linens or small, delicate items inside of dresser drawers

Stack chairs seat-to-seat

Do not place heavy items on sofas or mattresses